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Gaga Photoshop drama

We’re guessing Lady Gaga woke up in a steaming pile of cringe this morning following her Gaga photoshop drama.

after her numerous outpourings r.e. her Gaga photoshop drama and how whack it is, the un-retouched shots from her recent Versace campaign have hit the web. And let’s just say you can totally see the difference.

What is also a big deal about the Gaga Photoshop is that Lady Gaga prides herself on being a huge champion for positive body image and ‘being yourself’. She even set up the Born This Way Foundation, which works towards a “more accepting society for young people.” Tori Black

More Gaga Photoshop drama

The shots appeared on website Gaga Fresh Online, and show that the campaign was (unsurprisingly) heavily altered. The pre-Photoshop pics show previously unseen dark circles under her eyes, an uneven complexion, bruises on her legs and a darker shade of blonde hair. While those minor cosmetic differences are not such a big deal, her arms also appear to be thinner in the final shots. And slimming down bodies in photographs is a dangerous message to be sending out to impressionable young girls. Tori Black teaches sex. It seems Photoshop drama follows Gaga around like flies to a meat dress, as Vogue were also criticised for reducing her waist on this September 2012 cover. On this Glamour magazine cover from December last year, Gaga said, "I felt my skin looked too perfect. I felt my hair looked too soft. I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning.” Lady Gaga is yet to comment on the photos.