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girls// Kate Upton is a total Bombshell

 It has to be said – Kate Upton is a total bombshell. The 21-year-old from Michigan in the States posed for Sports Illustrated magazine in zero-gravity conditions. Kate Upton has gone on to score shoots and covers in Vogue, Vanity Fair, and V Magazine. Nice one! Kate is one of the Hottest Girls Kate is a hot girl Kate doesn’t compare herself to other models. I really do like my body and growing up in Florida, it was always a good thing if you could fill out a bikini. Girls like Kate Upton are hot She is a beautiful woman She's starring alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in The Other Woman which is due for release this year. Can't. Wait. I can’t change my bra size. They're natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I can't change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body.