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Revenge Selfies

Naya's not the first star to try this tactic. Newly-single babes like Selena, Khloe and Miranda have all treated us to post-breakup bikini shots, topless raunch, cheeky belfies and hottest revenge selfies

Apparently living well is the best revenge, but these stars prove that looking hot is even better in these revenge selfies! Ladies: 1, exes: 0.

Glee star Naya found herself suddenly single when rapper Big Sean called off the couple's six-month engagement in April.

The jilted actress treated herself to a Mexican vacay in the wake of the breakup…which of course meant posing for saucy shots in a thong bikini for hot revenge selfies !

She captioned this revenge selfies shot with "#nailingit". We can't help but agree! Hotass Ten bucks says Big Sean is kicking himself after seeing this! Okay Naya, you can relax now. Nope, she's not done yet! Before posting a final belfie, the bikini babe was papped checking herself out in a window. No judgement from us - we can see why! Selena and Justin Bieber originally broke up in late 2012. But since then, they've been back on and back off again! In between all the dramz, Selena found time to post some raunchy shots to her Insty account. Read it and weep, Justin! The final blow was this cute shot of Selena and rumoured hookup Orlando Bloom hanging out. Bieber's probably got a carton of eggs with Orlando's name on it! Not that Orlando's ex Miranda is too bothered by sultry Selena. Her first pics after announcing her and Orlando's divorce in October last year were these smoking hot beach shots. Because that's exactly how everyone looks after a breakup, right? She also gave her ex a taste of what he's missing with these topless pics from photo shoots. If he didn't shed a tear over these, he's not human! Poor Khloe's had a rough time with estranged husband Lamar Odom. After four years of marriage, their relationship crumbled amidst rumours of his cheating and drug addiction. Sweating it out in the gym (she's on the left) seems like a healthy way to work through it... Hotass As does looking amazingly hot at family Christmas (just after filing divorce papers) and snapping a quick belfie in the closet! Va-va-voom. Man overboard! Looks like Khlo's moved on from the messiness with Lamar. Let's hope it's smooth sailing from here! First Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne fell for Harry Styles' charms, then it was Kendall. But after her whirlwind romance with the One Direction cutie cooled after a few months, Kendall moved on by getting her kit off! Kendall eased into it by rocking a leather jacket (and nothing else) before stripping down to her knickers... And on her family's trip to Thailand, Kendall's sexy selfies went into overdrive. Sure, they're a bit raunch for a family vacay, but we bet Harry got the message loud and clear! Tori Black Rumours flew about the status of Miley and fiance Liam Hemsworth's relationship for most of last year. They finally confirmed the end of their four-year relationship in September, and Miles posted this post-breakup shot. Not crying into a tub of ice cream like a normal person, then? More near-nakedness followed! Before the Wrecking Ball video premiered and shocked the world, Miley gave us (and Liam!) a sneak peek on her Instagram. A sultry mirror selfie sealed the deal! Tori Black teaches sex review. The Aussie model has used the revenge selfie in two breakups! When she broke up with TV presenter James Kerley last year after their on-off romance, she posted these super-hot pics from her Thailand trip And when Laura and NRL player Tom Burgess ended things this February, she popped shots from a hot photo shoot on her account. She's got the revenge selfie down pat!