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Selena Gomez uploaded nude

Selena Gomez uploaded nude snap. Looking like she got tangled up in her curtains and gave some lucky neighbour a serious eyeful.

Selena Gomez uploaded nude snap. While a naked picture being posted on social media is most normal people’s total nightmare, it seems celebs just can’t help themselves…

Chrissy Teigen shared this shot of herself mid-spray tan with pretty much everything on show. She’s obviously not a fan of the paper knickers they offer you. As if getting yourself into a hanging hammock isn’t awkward enough, Beyoncé had to manoeuvre it with all of her bits out. Candice Swanepoel gets comfortable at what we really hope is a nudist beach. Otherwise it’s pretty inappropriate. Amanda Bynes enjoyed posting nearly naked selfies during her infamous ‘social oversharing’ phase. Thankfully she’s since entered rehab, sorted her life out and has stepped back from social media. *Virtual high five* Tori Black Who needs any other clothes when you have bunny ears that pretty? Not Chrissy Teigen, that’s for sure. Tori Black teaches sex. Doutzen Kroes announced her pregnancy to the world with a naked Insty shot. Because sonogram pictures are so 2013. Heidi Klum flaunts her supermodel bod. ALL of it. Lady Gaga gets a little too comfortable in her arm chair. Miranda Kerr’s not shy. Obvs. Nicki Minaj shows off her new nipple pasties and blinging chainz. Urrrm, nice? We’re not sure that’s how the dress is supposed to be worn, Nicki… A green veil (and nothing else) in place of pyjamas? We somehow don't think Rihanna’s bedtime attire is going to catch on. Suddenly we feel like we’ve been going to the hairdressers really overdressed... Rita Ora shows off her new tattoo. And her side boob. Ink sticks