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Sexiest Lingerie Shoots

This is Amanda Seyfried's hottest photo shoot yet!

Celebs’ sexiest lingerie shoots

Throwback! Kim poses in fur for a vintage lingerie shoot. Jennifer Hawkins lounges around in skimpy lingerie and long socks post-shoot. If we looked like that, we'd be laughing too! She definatly belongs in Sexiest Lingerie Shoots. Ok Jen, we get it. You look perfect in anything you wear (or don't wear!) Woah Lara! Looks like someone's not afraid of a (topless) close-up. Lara pairs her sheer bra and simple tattoo in this sultry snap. Show of hands... how many men wish they were the stuffed tiger sitting on Miranda's shoulder?   Anyone? Or perhaps they want to be Miranda's towel in this sexy snap?! Reowww Nicole Trunfio! The super model is all-too-happy to flash her flesh in a hotel in Milan. That is, when she's not posing in leather suspenders. Although Victoria's Secret babe Alessandra Ambrosio's decked out in ice blue... she's still red hot! Check out this catwalk queen's VS wings! Tousled hair? Sexy smirk? Candice Swanepoel's got the signature saucy shoot moves down pat. Which is probably why she was chosen to wear the VS fantasy bra in the 2013 parade. What can we say? That Candice is a total pro.