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Wardrobe Malfunction

Kristen Bell suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Veronica Mars premiere in LA. The babe stepped out in a soft pink wrap-around J Mendel dress that blew apart, thanks to a gust of wind, to reveal her flesh-coloured undies. In the new mum’s hilarious style, she covered up the moment with a funny face and carried on. That’s a girl!

Miley Cyrus encountered a wardrobe problem at a concert this week. Rather than miss performing her song “23”, she decided to run out in just her undies and bra to sing. She tweeted: “Not a new outfit for ‘23’, I didn't make my quick change and I couldn't not come out for the song so I just had to run out in my undies.”

Babelyst, girl boobs,Beyoncé’s performance of “Drunk In Love” was so amazing at the Grammys that we didn’t notice her covered nipples poking out of her top

Boobs,Note to self: if you’re not wearing a bra, be sure to wear nipple covers. Are you listening, Miranda Kerr?

Hot ass,Iggy Azalea flashed more than she bargained for on the MTV Eurpoean Music Awards red carpet in Amsterdam last November. Ladies, beware of the split dress!

Was it staged? Probs. Did it get the world talking? Uh huh. We all remember Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance in 2004 where the modern day wardrobe malfunction was basically invented.

The zipper on Kim Kardashian’s leather dress broke just as she was about to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2012. In usual Kim style, she wasn’t ashamed, instead she shared the pic with her social media followers.

Really hot Ass,Bombshell Sofia Vergara is known for her figure-hugging style, but at the 2012 Emmys it got the better of her. Her emerald green Zuhair Murad frock split right before Modern Family won an Emmy.

Girls have a big wardrobe malfunction.Oops! Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have much luck when it comes to falling over and her wardrobe it seems. Her Dior dress ripped on her way up to claim her Screen Actors Guild award in 2013

Nikki Minaj’s energetic dance moves on Good Morning America in 2011 caused one of her assets to, er, pop out of her top. And it took her a good portion of time to realise, too. Given that she’s been posting nearly-nude shots on Instagram all week, we’re guessing she probably didn’t mind that much.

Emma Watson’s dress shifted at the Los Angeles premiere of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in 2012. But luckily the star was wearing nipple covers. Good save, Emma, good save.

Does this hot ass ever wear undies?Oh dear, Paris Hilton forgot to wear undies to her birthday party in Feb this year. It’s her party and she’ll, er, wear underwear if she wants to…

It's lucky Hayden Panettiere wore nipple covers to the Golden Globes after party in 2011, 'cos we don’t think she realised her dress was see-through…

The strap on Katherine Heigl’s dress decided to fail on her while accepting an award at the 2010 ShoWest awards. Timing, huh?

Anne Hathaway was dubbed the “headlights” of the Oscars last year thanks to her pink Prada dress, and possibly a cold breeze

While performing at the Opera House, a blast of wind pulled up Katy Perry’s dress. The clever star was more prepared than other celebs though – she was wearing underpants. Good one, Katy.

Lady Gaga’s latex pants split when performing on her tour in Vancouver, Canada last year.

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Rebel Wilson pulls the first ever fake wardrobe malfunction at the MTV Movie Awards last year.