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Woke Up Like This

Thanks to Beyoncé and her ridiculously catchy lyrics, there are currently more than 17,000 pictures on Instagram with the hashtag # Woke Up Like This,

hashtag # Woke Up Like This, showing the poser selfie-ing from bed. Like this one of Queen Beyoncé herself looking all cute and squinty.

Cara Delevingne is another serial offender.  Whether it’s the fake sleeping, the “look how good I look in the mornings,” or the seductive “come and join me?” style shot, it seems celebs are all over this social trend. Pets often feature in #bedstagram shots, as per Demi Lovato’s snap with her adorable pooch. Julianne Hough nails the “look how pretty I look without makeup” selfie. (THOSE TEETH!) You can try and get yours as sparkly with this pearly white advice. Kendall Jenner models another standard #bedstagram shot – the ‘covering half of your face with your hand’ pic And it’s a favourite pose of hers, obvs. As if there’s a selfie trend Kimmy K hasn’t got on board with. Here she uses a heavy black and white filter, more eye makeup than we wear on a night out and half of her hair to hide any signs of bedtime tiredness. Lena Dunham gets cosy with her rescue dog, Lamby. And she either got someone to stand over them to capture the moment, or has a camera fixed over her bed. Mariah Carey shows off her curious pillow arrangement. They’re supposed to go UNDER your head, love. Miley saucily suggests that she may well be naked under the sheets. And let’s face it, she probably is. Who needs a man when you’ve got two perfectly good paws to cuddle at night? We’re just hoping there’s a dog attached to them there somewhere because Miley has a history with strange, hand-shaped toys. Miranda Kerr gets Mum and Grandma involved to show off three generations of awesome genes. Ricki Lee plays peek-a-boo while also showing off her ma-hoo-sive finger bling. #multitasking Obviously Rihanna’s #bedstagram shot is the raciest. Sexy lingerie – check. Red and gold bedding – check. Rude artwork behind the bed – check. Token sexy Santa in festive stockings – weird. This fringe belongs to Suki Waterhouse, who must be pretty damn chilly to be wearing a beanie hat to bed. Do Burberry, UGG, French Connection and Dominic Jones not pay you enough for a heater? Here she is looking much more toasty. Wonder if she’s gazing at Bradley Cooper across the bed?